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Securing the internet of AI

Every connected computer must be able to partake in the global brain's computation, including yours. 

HyperCycle is building the transactional rails of AI to AI, in a clever design ensuring the evolution of the parameters are progressive in a fully p2p without any third party dependencies thanks to Toda/IP, Earth64 Data Structure, SingularityNet and more. 

The 5 necessary parameters are:   

  1. Security 

  2. Efficiency

  3. Confidentiality

  4. Scalability 

  5. Interoperability

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HyperCycle builds some of the necessary components to enable AI services to communicate between each other in a nano-second setting without any third party dependencies.  This is crucial to enable massive scale of AI, the utilization of secure distributed computing is essential. Although not sufficient.  That's why Hypercycle is building the framework for the numerous global efforts to collaborate and have any machine to partake in the global computation.  Our measure of success would be when any connected computer (if it can play  live video meeting), must be able to run a node and must be able to have proofs that at any given time, the average cost of electricity consumed is less than the value provided by the output of AI.  While this must hold true on an average given a period of time, it is not an indication of failure if during certain times it ceased to be true.  Because there are other factors, such as cost of electricity could spike up rapidly, demand could shrink rapidly, along with many intended or unintended external factors and attack vectors. Having said that, our aim is to enable AI developers and AI computation facilitators at any level to considerably achieve more value than the electricity consumed. 

HyperCycle methods of selling software

HyperCycle supports both methods to sell software licenses.

A- The traditional AP/AR

B- Advanced Methods such as acquiring a single NFT that enables the software to be downloadable and installed when ready.

If you have your browser extension  wallet installed you can go to 

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